Week Of Wonder 

Explore CIPS International Students' Week of Wonder full of webinars, podcasts and information for our global student community.

Recordings from the Week of Webinars are coming soon.

The Week Of Wonder

At CIPS we are excited to add some WOW to our International Students learning paths by supporting you every step

of the way towards your successful future in the World Of Wonder that is procurement and supply.

CIPS Week Of Webinars

The Amazing Benefits of Becoming Chartered MCIPS

Discover how to be recognised, respected and rewarded throughout your career with MCIPS Chartered.

Your Study Experience Brought to Life

Understand the different ways you can study as an International Student with CIPS where ever you are based.

Own Your Future Career Plan

FInd out how to map the path for your successful career in procurement and supply.

The Power of a United Community

Learn and grow with support from the leading global network for people just like you.

 International Students Day 2020, Week of Webinars recordings will be available soon.

12:15 GMT 17 Nov

12:15 GMT 18 Nov

12:15 GMT 19 Nov

12:15 GMT 20 Nov

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Powerful Podcasts to Support International Students

How to WOW - Questions Answered By CIPS Members

Fiona Macdonald

“It’s a tough journey but worthwhile for the knowledge you gain. Having a CIPS qualification makes you stand out and gives confidence to future employers that you’re a professional”.

Procurement Specialist, Health Procurement and Contracting, ACC

What would you say to someone who is considering starting their CIPS qualifications journey?

Daniel Chang

“The study guides for each exam were a massive help to me when studying across all my exams. It helped me to focus on key areas that were in the guide as opposed to everything that was in text books”.

Buyer, Shin-Estu Handotai Europe Ltd, UK

Did you have a favourite go-to study resource?

Find where you can study and take your CIPS exams

Study Centres

Student Zone

Watch how to approach CIPS exam questions.

Download Exam Guides

There are guides for each type of exam question and you can watch videos showing CIPS computer-based exams.

Exam Preparations

January 2021 Virtual Classroom

Workshops - Level 4 Diploma

Activities in South Africa

WOW Activities

Other Events

26 Nov - Gauteng AGM

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